NV Employer Guest Room Attendant in Las Vegas, Nevada

Wage DOE
Shift varies
Employer conducts drug and background checks.

- HS Diploma, GED or actively seeking HSE preferred.
- Culinary Academy of Las Vegas Guest Room Attendant or House Person Utility Training and Certification (or completion of the training) required, which is equivalent to 1 year of GRA experience. (Note: 1 year of GRA or HPU experience will be considered in lieu of formal training - formal training is preferred).
- Positive attitude.
- Impeccable grooming.
- Enthusiastic.
- Energetic.
- Willing to comply with all rules and policies as set forth by the Hotel and department.
- Communication skills as needed to receive and respond to instructions given by the Housekeeping Department as well as applying to personal safety and guest safety.
- Must be able to work from a standing position and/or walking motion for extended periods of time.
- Dexterity in the hands and fingers needed to control mobile.
- Must be able to work from a kneeling position for extended periods of time.
- Must have visual capabilities needed to inspect their own work upon completion to avoid leaving deficient work.
- Must be able to communicate effectively, and to understand and take direction.
- Must be able to read chemical labels and differentiate between them.
- Must have or be able to obtain a NV Gaming Card.

The Guest Room Attendant cleans guest rooms in their assigned area with the intention of removing all evidence of a previous guest. S/He ensures all amenities required to be in each room are present and displayed in the appropriate manner. This person also ensures all fixtures are in perfect working order or notifies engineering of any deficiencies needing attention prior to future occupancy.

The Guest Room Attendant cleans and notes repair and shampooing needs of all guest rooms assigned on a daily basis.

* Checks in at the housekeeping key shack to receive keys and assignment prior to starting shift.
* Fulfills department standards of preparing a minimum of 15 credits per shift.
* Checks rooms and notes repair needs prior to releasing room for future occupancy (does not release deficient rooms).
* Treats guests with courtesy and respect.
* Must be appropriately groomed and wears the uniform provided in accordance with departmental specifications.
* Turns in all items found in guest halls or left in check out rooms in a timely manner.
* Becomes familiar with all Housekeeping terminology and abbreviations.
* Observes all safety precautions as instructed.
* Clean rooms according to procedures stated in the department guidelines (completing the department standard of preparing a minimum of 15 credits) except grave shift which is assigned tasks requiring immediate attention.
* Complete turn down service as assigned (on swing shift only).
* Obtain needed cleaning supplies (i.e., brush, brass polish, etc.) from supply room.
* Obtain computer printout of room assignments for their station.
* Sign for keys prior to starting shift.
* Required to empty bag on vacuum cleaner daily.
* May be required to use small step stool to reach high areas of assigned cleaning.
* At the end of shift, turn in keys, supplies, and signed computer assignment sheet to the appropriate locations.

See employer website for more details.