BACK OFFICE REMEDIES INC Senior Software Engineer in Las Vegas, Nevada

Position: Senior Software Engineer
Duration: Full Time Permanent
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada - Clark County Nevada

Minimum Requirements:
1. Masters degree in computer science or computer engineering and three (3) years experience in
software development.
2. In the alternative, employer accepts a relevant BA degree and five (5) years post-degree
experience in software development.

Additional special requirements/experience:
1. Two (2) years of work experience managing a team of software developers;
2. Two (2) years of work experience building and administrating servers running on Windows Server OS
and Debian family operating systems (e.g Ubuntu);
3. Two (2) years work experience of the following technologies:
-Postfix/Dovecot, Apache, MySQL/MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Jasper Reports, Jenkins automation server;
-Two (2) years work experience with Android SDK development;
-Two (2) years iOS and Swift development experience;
4. Two (2) years experience with web development such as: database development
(SQL/NoSQL,Mysql/MongoDB), backend REST API development with Symfony 2/3 (Doctrine ORM) and Django
frameworks, message brokers like RabbitMQ, frontend development using frameworks Backbone,
AngularJS, online payments processing (PayPal, Stripe) and software revision control systems (GIT,
5. Some travel required.

Job Description:
Senior software engineer at Back Office Remedies LLC in Las Vegas will be responsible for engineering and overseeing the development process by managing a dynamic development team. The employee will also make decisions on technologies used to ensure rapid and stable development of our cloud based system. We expect best practices and patterns of software development to be applied to our project. The employee will work with the development and support teams, as necessary, to ensure the technical solutions meet the business needs, and are developed and implemented with high quality following agreed upon standards. The employee will work closely with key stakeholders and customers for business requirements, status updates and strategic initiatives. As the leader of our development team, the employee will have the unique opportunity to influence and shape both strategy and delivery for our project teams. The candidate will be a key member of the product development team that helps the capabilities of the product and create and define functional specifications and help to ensure that the final product is high quality and meets customer needs. As a Senior Software Engineer you will do the following: Lead cross-functional teams to successful delivery of complex business initiatives. Demonstrate technical leadership in all aspects including development, architecture, testing and deployment. Mentor Junior staff in their development following standards and perform code reviews. Staff includes software developers, account managers and payroll processors. Ability to lead others toward technical accomplishment, as a collaborative project team, in order to achieve project goals. Provide technical support for user issues. Troubleshoot problems and take corrective action on a timely, effective basis. Ability to adapt quickly to fast-paced changing environment and priorities. Motivation to take ownership of tasks and the determination to drive them to completion.

How to Apply:
Please mail cv to: Back Office Remedies Inc, Att: HR 6212 W. DESERT INN RD. LAS VEGAS NV 89146