CA Group, Inc. Transportation Planner in Las Vegas, Nevada

Assist in the preparation and production of construction plans, perform cost estimation, quantity and design calculation using American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), Department of Transportation (DOT) design standards and Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) design documents. Work with transportation modeling including travel demand forecasting and assignment using TransCAD and Dynamic Traffic Assignment software DTALite and DynusT. Conduct highway capacity analysis for signal and stop control intersections, freeway and arterial segments. Perform cost-benefit studies for Capacity, Pavement and Safety Projects. Perform traffic operations analysis using SYNCRO and VISSIM software. Prepare roadway design of Geometric elements which including horizontal alignment, vertical alignment and super-elevation in Microstation CAD software.
Requires Master Degree in Civil Engineering or related and 1 year of Transportation Planning Experience.